Granola House

Granola House has a story that is an inspiration for any one of us. One mother’s passion for providing wholesome, nutritious food for her children, soon turned into a successful business.

Founder and owner of Granola House, Christine, says,

“What is important to me is that my family eats healthy and delicious food. One of their favorites is my freshly roasted granola. My special blend is handmade, with fresh all-natural ingredients – rolled oats, wheat germ, nuts, and seeds – and flavored with just a hint of sweetness. My special recipe is wholesome and most importantly, delicious! Take one bite and you’ll see why my family and friends love it and encouraged me to share it with everyone.”

Sir Speedy Tien Mu is proud to say that we have been supporting Granola House with design, packaging and print collateral since its inception in 2010.